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Original Oil Paintings by Painter Khalda Hamouda

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- Born in Cairo the year 1953.

- Travelled with my family to Mexico City year 1964 where i stayed there for around one year.

- Returned back to Egypt where I completed my school study.

- Travelled to Spain with my family and joined the High Telecomunications Technical Engineering School in Madrid the year 1970.

- Returned back Egypt where I continued my study at Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University from which I was graduated 1977.

- Travelled to Washington D.C to join my family there then we returned back Egypt after I stayed around one year.

- I begain my work in a famous Contractors Company in Cairo.

- Travelled to Sultanate Of Oman then returned back to work at my previous company and I stayed there till I decided to retire the year 2006.

- The reason of my decission to retire was my desire to be free and be able of starting a new buissiness in the field of realistic original oil paintings contemporary fine arts.

- Starting a new career at that age was never something easy ,especially when speaking about contemporary fine arts. The competition in the field of realistic original oil paintings is very big. Not only because of the very wide market but also because and especially because of the availability of the internet, including the old master's works and the world wide contemporary fine arts works by different realist oil painters artists around the world and along the history. However, I was never sorry for starting in this field because I enjoy making realistic paintings from my heart.

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